Being Different is not a Crime. It is an Honour!

In the grand scheme of things Nixx is just a little girl who grew up to be a women who really did not know who she was. But then something magical happened. Nixx found her path. Or rather, re-discovered her path long after the journey started.

Who is this Nixx character anyway? 

Nichole, who goes by Nixx, studied Graphic Communications and Fine Arts at ECU in North Carolina, USA. Her main areas of study outside of graphic arts and typography were figure drawing and ceramics. Throughty her entire college career, Nichole only ever took a single introductory class in painting. Ceramics became her main focus very late in college. The clay spoke to her and she loves working with her hands. The feeling and experience of working in clay was a game-changer for Nichole. In 1991 she graduated with a BFA in Ceramics after completing her first 5 years as a Graphic Arts major from 1984-1989. Yet her experiences in both art and music span nearly her entire life. 

“I started drawing seriously at a very early age. I remember drawing sharks and horses in the 3rd or 4th grade. I love horses. They are my spirit animal and I rode often as a child. Buck, he was the pony I road in my English Saddle classes.  I think I started drawing sharks because I wanted to show a boy in class I could do it better than him. I started playing piano and clarinet in elementary school and later, guitar, in my early teens. Much of my art career began in advertising and marketing, evolving to publishing, website design and programming.”

While never a professional musician ,Nixx has played guitar for over 30 years. She has “written” a few of her own songs and worked with others musicians. Music is a VERY strong and important passion her life. Without her music and the the vast catalogue of music available in this world. It is said Nixx would simply not exist.

“I am a writer, poet, artist, photographer, musician, goddess, Amazon, occasionally offensive, somewhat NSFW and a total badass on guitar! I draw or paint whatever spills from my head. Oils, pencil, charcoal and digital media are my media of choice right now. I photograph the world as I see it. I play guitar, and have been for over 30 years. My Les Paul Blondie is the best girlfriend I ever had. I can in fact chew gum and walk at the same time. What more could you ask for?”

All kidding aside, Nichole pays the bills by daylighting as a mildly ill-mannered yet astoundingly, nimble web programmer with a severe sushi addiction.

“I am a very capable Front-End Engineer and Web Architect with full-stack LAMP, MEAN and NODE experience spanning more than 20 years. When I am not painting, my focus is on helping others through teaching and mentoring. I have built single page websites and responsive web applications from the ground up for fortune 500 companies and friends. Hand me a PSD or a napkin with an idea on it. I will return to you a dynamic web experience. I speak nerd, agile, marketing and plain English all in the same breath. I have had a pretty amazing career helping to build large and small brands, consumer facing eCommerce, B2B, media and entertainment web properties. However my career in technology has begun to fade in favor of my true passions…

My first love is and always has been Art and Music.”


Nichole is a multi-discipline artist using both digital and traditional media to produce fine art paintings and graphic arts for her own work and her clients.

Sunflowers in Stoneware

The Vision

Contemporary, Progressive Traditions – in Modern Art

Exploring new techniques and learning traditional methods of painting and applying these skills and ideas to digital media are the tools of many modern artists.

It is amazing what one can do using something as small as a 10′ iPad to produce large works of fine art that mimic the feel of traditional paint on canvas, paper or panel. 

You should see the